At Ananda Mental Health Workshops our goal is to bring learning opportunities about mental health and interventions to improve mental health to Central Ontario. Being passionate about learning ourselves, and seeing the gap in this area, we’re striving to develop a Learning Community to enhance care to our clients, and to assist mental health professionals in taking care of clients and of themselves.

Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, RSW

Sheri is a Social Worker, who has been working in the mental health field since 2000. She has been working with clients with severe mental health problems, in individual and group therapy, both in her private practice and at a community hospital, since 2004.

Sheri is passionate about learning and about helping others learn. She has written several mental health focused books, and has also been presenting on treatment interventions for mental health problems world-wide. Recently, recognizing that Central Ontario is under-serviced with these types of learning opportunities, Sheri decided to bring her passion for learning to starting Ananda Mental Health Workshops.

In her (precious!) spare time, Sheri enjoys spending time with her family, including her dogs Tess and Oliver; she loves to travel and is an avid Scuba Diver. She also enjoys reading, playing squash, yoga, and being outdoors (in the nice weather).

If you’d like to get to know Sheri more, visit her website at; or register for one of her upcoming workshops through Ananda Mental Health Workshops.


Lisa Mulchan

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in a customer service based position.  She loves dealing with people and learning something new every day.

Lisa has been searching for a position that is more meaningful for some time now and she has finally found it here at Ananda Mental Health Workshops.  Lisa lost a friend to mental illness several years ago and understands the high demand for, and limited access to - well trained Mental Health Practitioners.  Knowing she is helping to facilitate the education of professionals who help those that need it the most is truly rewarding and fulfilling for her.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, loves to travel and explore new places, hike, snorkel and scuba dive.  She loves nature photography and living an active healthy lifestyle.


Sheri Van Dijk

MSW, RSW, Co-founder

Sheri is a Social Worker, who has been working in the mental health field since 2000.


Lisa Mulchan


Lisa has been a Customer Service Rep for over 20 years.